Feature Winery | Zlaten Rozhen Wine Cellar / by Silviya N. Topchiyska


Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar is located in the village of Kapatovo in Bulgaria’s Melnik Region. In operation since 2010, the cellar’s rich assortment of boutique wines are produced from a 200 acres vineyard located nearby. This family-owned winery is known for quality and the staff genuinely works magic with the estate fruit.

The winery name translates as Zlaten meaning “gold” and Rozhen (the name of the nearby village) which means “birth of Mary.”

Modern, but welcoming with a very homey feel, is a condensed description of what you will find at Zlaten Rozhen. The staff is friendly, energetic and both love and appreciate the winery’s boutique offerings. This will be obvious to visitors during wine tastings, winery tours or even in casual conversations.


Just inside the wine cellar gate, a vintage Mercedes welcomes you. Next, you will enter the wine store filled with perfectly arranged bottles. On the upper floor is the tasting room, which offers stunning views of the vineyard and nearby hills, as you sip the white, rosé and red Zlaten Rozhen wines.

The Zlaten Rozhen Wines

The lineup of wines features unique Bulgarian varieties Sandanski Misket—a white variety traditionally found in the Struma River Valley in the Melnik Region. Zlaten Rozhen was the first producer to replant this grape and bring it back to the market in the post-Soviet era.  

The winery’s one-of-a-kind rosé is made from the red Shiroka Melnishka (Melnik) variety. The aroma of wild strawberry and raspberry stand out in this wine. Legend has it, that this local grape happened to be Winston Churchill’s favorite variety.


Red wines are made from Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but the most popular is a blend of two Bulgarian varieties. Called Melnishki Cepage, it is made from the indigenous Melnishki Rubin and Melnik grapes and is the true king of the Zlaten Rozhen wines. They are blended immediately after harvest, so remain together throughout the fermentation and aging process.

Plan a Visit

 Email: winery@zlatenrozhen.bg

Phone: + 359 89 9409464 (staff speaks English)

Website: www.zlatenrozhen.bg/en/