Book Review | Wine for Dummies / by Brian Yost

Wine for Dummies, 7th Edition, By Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan. John Wiley & Sons Inc., Hoboken, NJ (2019).

2019-04-20 07:27:58 -0400.png

Okay… I’m big enough to admit I’m a dummy.

I was struck by this sad truth after I picked up a desk copy of Wine for Dummies and discovered all sorts of useful things. For someone who professes to know a lot about wine, it was a humbling read.

Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan provide us with a resource that is well organized and approachable for those less versed in the subtleties of this popular beverage.

In an age where consumers are increasingly mesmerized by the idea of wine and simultaneously overwhelmed by the topic, Wine for Dummies helps responsibly fill the information vacuum. Want to know how to buy, store or pair wine? This is your one-stop desk reference.

This book contains much of the same information you might find in the Oxford Companion to Wine, but there are a couple important differences. First, Wine for Dummies can be purchased for a fraction of the price. Second, it dispenses with much of the pretense and is written with the average wine drinker in mind.

I don’t know if Wine for Dummies is flying off the shelf, but it should be.