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Charles lives in Japan's mountainous Nagano Prefecture, home to both old and new wineries. Why Nagano and not the Tokyo metropolis? He loves mountain biking, splitboarding, and operating his pop up wine bar in the winter. Charles also works with an importer, helping find wines, marketing them and consulting for private clients. When not working or playing in Japan, he's out exploring wine regions around the world, visiting vineyards, sampling cuisines, and discovering that which makes the wines unique, sharing the experiences via his blog, Sybaritewino, and as a contributing writer at Tongue Explorers. Follow him @sybaritewino and join in his adventures.

Darcy Dellera

Although Darcy Dellera grew up in Sonoma wine country, it was not until she studied food and wine in Perugia, Italy that she learned to fully understand and appreciate the entire world of wine. Her inner #winetourist flourished while she was there and she loved exploring the wines and culture of Sicily, Piedmont, and everywhere in between. Darcy returned to California, where she works as a wine club manager in Napa Valley. You can find her work on Instagram or her website

Hajni Szöllősi 

 Hajni Szöllősi is a Hungarian wine expert wearing many hats. She writes for a number of publications and writes wine cards for restaurants and hotels. In 2014, Hajni was listed among Vince Magazine's 50 most important women in Hungarian wine life. She also reviews and critiques wine on her blog BORtáBOR. While the blog is written in her native tongue, you can easily follow her on Instagram, because pictures require no language proficiency.

Joan Liban

Joan Catherine Liban is a lawyer and a contributing writer at the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section.  She has written about the good life for various other publications such as Sense & Style, The Manila Standard and Lifestyle Asia.  Her love for travel, people, food & fitness inspires her to explore the world and share her adventures with others.  She is currently an advocate for the Happy Life Project in Manila. You can follow her on Instagram.

Madalena Vidigal

Wine and travel were the passions that led Madalena Vidigal to post-graduate studies in Wine Tourism. They further inspired her to cultivate her own vineyard in Alentejo, Portugal, where she spends her days “Entre Vinhas” (among the vines). For Madalena, wine tourism is visiting wineries, eating in a good restaurant, a cottage in the countryside, stories told by genuine people, and getting to know the origin of the wines she drinks. She hopes to further inspire your wine tourism passions with her blog

Maika Isogawa

Maika Isogawa is a student at Stanford University, currently on a leave of absence to perform for Cirque Du Soleil's "Totem." Her nomadic job allows her to experience a wide variety of regions and their unique food and culture. With her busy schedule, Maika finds photographs to be the perfect platform to quickly share her adventures. You can follow her on Instagram.

Tess Thomson 

With a father in the wine business and conducting business in London and Bordeaux, from the age of seven Tess Thomson grew up around wine. As she got older, Tess became accustomed to tasting a wide variety of wines and she has learned the unique flavors of each grape. After college, she took a full-time job on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, but her passion is finding new and unique ways to document and share the wines she drinks. You can follow Tess on Instagram.