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Marco Barbieri  @__questionmark

Marco Barbieri is a Wine Tourist. He has spent his adult life working in the hospitality industry and three of those years were spent as a Sommelier in one of London’s most exclusive private-member clubs. Marco currently lives in Hungary, where he and his girlfriend are exploring the wine, wineries and wine culture. He blogs about Hungarian wine and wants us to know that “it’s not all about Tokaj.” You can find Marco at @__questionmark and his blog

Karin Irvine @kekidc

Karin Irvine grew up in the German state of Saarland near the border with France and Luxembourg. Her proximity to the Mosel, Pfalz and Alsace wine regions meant that wine was just a normal part of life. She has always traveled and enjoys learning about different cultures and local specialties. Photography has been part of her adventures and she has long used it to document her trips. You can find her work on Instagram.

Elena Khoury @ekhoury12

Elena Khoury grew up in the wine and beer industry and has a keen interest in those two beverages along with travel and desserts. Elena is currently a part-time college lecturer, attorney and hotel reservation manager, but she loves to travel and experience different cultures with family and friends. You can find Elena on Instagram at @ekhoury12.

Rodolfo Javier, Jr

I am someone who is deeply intrigued by different cultures of the world, and the histories that brought us to what and who we are today.  It's always an adventure to see more through the eyes of the locals, whether it be through the food, language or architecture, and the greatest adventures I have are experienced with my favorite travel buddies -- my family.

Anne-Laure Ferroir @Anna_aroundthewine

After working for several years as an energy engineer, Anne-Laure Ferrior decided to start a new life. She set out to discover New people, cultures and ways of life. Anne-Laure studied wine and wine tourism. She then set out to wander through the world of wine from France through South America as a wine tourist, journalist and grape picker. You can find Anne-Laure on Facebook, Instagram and on her blog Around Wine

The Winefathers

The Winefathers is an online community conceived of by Luca Comello. The concept is to unite wine drinkers and winemakers from small, quality, boutique wineries in a network that started regionally, but now extends to the entire Italian peninsula. Wine lovers from around the world can participate and become part of the Winefathers' extended family. You can find Winefathers at