Wine Experience in Chile—Adventure into Flavour | Book Review / by Brian Yost

Nourissat, Valérie. Wine Experience in Chile. Santiago: Adventure into Flavours. 2015. eBook.

In her autobiography on the final page of her travel guide, Valérie Nourrissat expresses her view of wine as a way to “Meet great people, celebrate life, eat great food and see the world.” These principles also manifest themselves as the guiding philosophy behind Wine Experience in Chile.

Nourissat lived in Chile for nearly two and one half years, and spent much of that time time exploring wine regions, wineries, food and culture. One of her discoveries was a basic lack of information available to guide her in her travels. Frustration from several bad experiences was the catalyst for her book, which is intended to deliver valuable insights to tourists visiting Chilean wine regions.

Wine Experience in Chile begins with a section of helpful information as Nourissat orients her readers with some basic details about the country. This includes short sections describing Chilean cuisine, culture and the best times to visit.  Nourissat then provides history and an overview of the country’s wine industry to round out the introduction. For anyone unfamiliar with Chile, this is a great section for boning up during the flight to Santiago. 

Following the preliminary information, Nourissat centers on the wine tourism experience around Santiago and orients all exploration outward from the city. The capital offers the best opportunities for lodging, food, shopping and entertainment. More than that, the capital is base from which the wine regions can be explored.

Moving north or south from Santiago, the travel guide organizes wine adventures by driving time from the city. Wine Experience in Chile provides the unique qualities and activities available at each winery of note. Moreover, descriptions provide many useful hints and tips to help make the most of each stop.

Wine Experience in Chile is written from the perspective and enthusiasm of an insider, who has invested significant energy investigating and detailing multiple options for the wine tourist. The book is written in clear, informal prose that is compelling and approachable. The ebook is also well organized with maps, insider tips and a range of sightseeing options that are not limited to wineries. For Nourissat’s first foray into travel literature, Wine Experience in Chile is an exceptional effort.