Editor's Letter | July 2016 / by Brian Yost

Here in the northern hemisphere school is out, summer has begun and it is high season for wine tourism or tourism in general. We know that the average wine tourist will visit a few vineyards during their vacation, but other points of interest are attractive options when planning a trip. So Wine Tourist Magazine always tries to provide insights into points of interest other than wineries. We want to help acclimate our community to the many opportunities offered by the regions we cover.

With that in mind, Wine Tourist Magazine will take you to five different continents in the month of July. First, Ava Abiad was recently in Asia Minor and submitted this month’s feature article from Lebanon. For some, this region may conjure images of terrorism or the ISIS, but Ava paints a picture of a land that is rich in tradition and filled with stunning landscapes. It is also home to an ancient history of wine production. The story and photographs are extremely compelling.

On the opposite side of the Mediterranean, we have a couple of articles from Southern Europe. Nacho Sanchez delivers an extensive review of Malaga, Spain. Beginning with a brief regional overview, he brings us back to the city and takes us on a walking to some of the best spots to explore food and wine. Benoît Lefèvre is back again this month with an article on Valtellina, Italy. Stunning photos of one of Italy’s lesser-known regions accompany his brilliant write-up.

Danny Wood typically covers the American Midwest, but this month he is checking in from Australia’s Hunter Valley. This is the area where Danny grew up, so he is well positioned to cover it for WTM. Following a recent trip home, he put together a short introduction to the region. The Hunter Valley article is complemented by this month’s installment of World Platter. As always, Kristy Wenz provides context along with a recipe. This month it is Shrimp and Couscous Salad.

Wine Tourist Magazine will take you to five different continents in the month of July.

Leslie Rosa typically writes about California or Italy, but this month she joins us from South America. Leslie has plans to do some serious exploration of Argentina and she provides us with an account of her first excursion. Leslie’s article takes a close look at producers of Malbec in and around Mendoza and she provides a short itinerary for anyone interested in planning a similar trip.

Then we move on to North America where Christine Campbell tells us why Vancouver Island is considered Canada’s Mediterranean. Much further east in Ontario, Krista Lamb takes us on a tour of some of the great wine bars in Toronto. Finally, we move south to New York and the Finger Lakes where Joanna Snawder gives us the details of her recent conversation with Meaghan Frank.

Also in this edition we have a series of Winetoons from Michael Green that revolve around wood in wine. Christine Davis tells us about Bottle Shapes in her July installment of Wine 101. There is a review of Tom Acitelli’s recent book, American Wine: A Coming of Age Story. And of course, we have contributions from eight members of our #winetourist community.

You can see that we are literally covering the entire globe to bring you interesting content. We do hope you enjoy this month’s edition of Wine Tourist Magazine and we want to hear from you. Please share your photographs or just check in and let us know what you want to see covered in future editions.