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Casey Nicewander @ferment_that_thing

Casey Nicewander currently lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin where he is pursuing a degree in Viticulture and Enology with plans to become a winemaker. In the meantime, he has attained a series of wine certifications with the hope of also becoming a Master of Wine. Casey and his wife Abbey take semi-annual trips that typically become wine fieldtrips for Casey. As a wine tourist, Casey takes a lot of photographs to share with family and friends. We are happy that he has chosen to share some of them with us.

Charles Lawrence @sybaritewino

Charles lives in Japan's mountainous Nagano Prefecture, home to both old and new wineries. Why Nagano and not the Tokyo metropolis? He loves mountain biking, splitboarding, and operating his pop up wine bar in the winter. Charles also works with an importer, helping find wines, marketing them and consulting for private clients. When not working or playing in Japan, he's out exploring wine regions around the world, visiting vineyards, sampling cuisines, and discovering that which makes the wines unique, sharing the experiences via his blog, Sybaritewino, and as a contributing writer at Tongue Explorers. Follow him @sybaritewino and join in his adventures.

Steven McCall @irreverentInsider

Steven McCall’s mantra is “Food, wine, travel… repeat as necessary.” An Oregon native, Steve spent his childhood summers in the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country. He currently lives within walking distance of the urban wineries in Berkeley, and a short drive from California’s famed Napa and Sonoma Valleys. In addition to exploring US wine regions, Steve has traveled to over 40 countries and has visited winemakers in Europe, New Zealand, and South America. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or his website.


Julie Overstreet believes that wine and food enrich life and spent five years recording her wine and food adventures in her blog Deep Red Cellar. She lived for some years in Italy’s Campania region and she has traveled extensively as a wine tourist. She is active in a number of different wine organizations and currently resides on Camano Island, Washington, where she writes for a local magazine. You can find more of her photographs on Instagram.


Karin Irvine grew up in the German state of Saarland near the border with France and Luxembourg. Her proximity to the Mosel, Pfalz and Alsace wine regions meant that wine was just a normal part of life. She has always traveled and enjoys learning about different cultures and local specialties. Photography has been part of her adventures and she has long used it to document her trips. You can find her work on Instagram.


Zeynep Dinç is a freelance designer, who lives in Izmir, Turkey. She found happiness in food styling, recipe development and food photography. In December 2014, she created her styling brand ""; and started to share her designs and photographs on the instagram


Rodolfo is deeply intrigued by different world cultures and the histories that brought us to what and who we are today.  He loves the adventure of seeing through the eyes of the locals, whether it be through food, language or architecture. Rodolfo feels that the greatest adventures he has experienced have been with his favorite travel companions -- his family.


Rosa is a lawyer by profession who specializes in renewable energy laws in the Philippines.  She also manages her own lifestyle blog called “My Sanity Points”, where she can indulge herself in creative writing about beauty, makeup, travel, food and all her other interests and passions.  Rosa is either traveling to a new place, engaging in new experiences, reviewing a beauty product, or enjoying a good meal with friends. Whenever she travels, she likes to think of herself more as a “traveler”, as opposed to a “tourist”.