Wine in the City | New Orleans / by Tara Ambrose

Tara Ambrose is owner of Tara’s Taste of the Town, and Chef’s Corner by Tara’s Taste of the Town.  Tara writes for several magazines, including DeltaStyle, Louisiana Kitchens & Culture Magazine based out of New Orleans, Culination Magazine and Your Home with Karie Engle. 

Broussard's Sign

Broussard's Sign


Broussard’s can best be described in the words of Salvo Foti, “Si conosce veramente e intimamente l’uomo attraverso il su vino.” – (“One truly and intimately knows a man through his wine.”)

Not exactly knowing where my curiosity would lead me on this story, I embarked with a dear friend in tow to take down first-hand the story of Broussard’s, and the rich history located within the magnificent workings of one of the most historic cities in Louisiana - New Orleans.   At the onset, I had the pleasure of being primed about this amazing restaurant by Christopher Ycaza, who was also my guide along my journey through Broussard’s. 


The entrance to this grand establishment is located at 819 Rue Conti deep in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter.  Opened by esteemed chef Joseph Broussard and his wife Rosalie Borrello in 1920, the Broussard’s resided above the restaurant in their apartment until their passing in 1966.  This couple endeavored to maintain the quality and finesse of this magical place, and make no mistake the elegant meals that come forth out of their kitchen are only matched in flavor by the wines listed in detail on their Carte des Vins, which has earned Broussard’s Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence” for 2014 as well as Wine Spectator’s “Best of Award of Excellence” in 2015. 

This elegant landmark embodies formal Parisian culinary training, encompassing local creole cuisine; however, their wine menu hosts a plethora of Reds, Roses, Whites, and bubbles from all over the globe—even hosting Demeter certified Biodynamic wines.  For those patrons seeking an elegant evening out in the French Quarter, one need not travel far from the sounds of jazz to obtain vino bliss.


819 Rue Conti

New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone:  (504) 581-3866

Pricing:  Moderate to Expensive

Homey Feel at Bacchanal

Homey Feel at Bacchanal


Walking down NOLA’s city blocks the damage to this great place is still very clear and paramount, but this did not stop me from taking time out of my visit to roam 22 blocks over from New Orleans’ famed Bourbon Street, bypassing Jackson Square and all the eclectic restaurants so many frequent, guiding my compass down to Bywater, following the path lain before me to unearth one of Nola’s hidden treasures – Bacchanal Wine

Beautiful Cheeses and Wine at Bacchanal

Beautiful Cheeses and Wine at Bacchanal

Bacchanal is located in the lower 9th ward, and was started in an eclectic fashion—like a mad scientists wine laboratory—created with the mentality that comes from the openness of expanding your own culinary adventure through the samplings of various meats, cheeses and WINE! Should you be brave enough to sample the tastes from afar, Chef Rich will wow your taste buds with sapid concoctions while Bacchanal’s wine list and open courtyard allow music and culture to collude with “vino”!

Bacchanal offers a very “homey” setting which simplistically allows patrons to roll up their sleeves to dig in and savor the local flavor of NOLA and her people.  Their wine room is set up quite simply, in a manner that honors the message they attempt to convey through their adoration for old world wines, crafted in smaller vineyards that are owned by families for generations (serious old school). Their wines offer more of an earthy flavor -such as the Pipeno I enjoyed, with its almost leathery flavoring that paired sublimely with the creamy goat cheese I dared to indulge with it.

For those patrons who seek a casual atmosphere, outside of the confines of the famed French Quarter, one merely need venture to Bywater to indulge in a wine portal for enthusiasts of all ages.

Bacchanal Wine

600 Poland Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70117

Phone:  (504) 948-9111

Pricing: Low to Moderate