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Alexandra Booze

Alexandra Booze is the co-founder and editor of East Coast Contessas, a popular food and travel blog that highlights some of the best dishes and tourist destinations from around the world. A Southern Belle at heart, when she’s not working her 9-5 media relations gig in Washington, DC, you can find her strolling the busy sidewalks of New York City, brushing up on her cooking skills, or sipping on her favorite rosé at a local winery. She is also an avid traveler, having visited 37 states and five countries, with trips to Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Norway planned in 2017. Follow her on Instagram: @AlexandraBooze1

Charine Tan & Dr Matthew Horkey from Exotic Wine Travel

Charine Tan & Dr Matthew Horkey are full-time wine explorers of the lesser-known wine regions and authors of the book Uncorking the Caucasus: Wines from Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia: exoticwinetravel.com/uncorkingthecaucasus.  They are partners in life and in business, with common interest in gastronomy, lifelong learning, pushing boundaries, and the potential of the human spirit.  “Wine is an exceptional port of entry into various topics like sociology, philosophy, geography, history, science, and agriculture. Travelling for wine has allowed us to delve deep into the social fabric, collective mindset, struggles, hopes, and aspirations in every country that we visit. We take not only photos, but videos too; everything is shared on our social media platforms:   facebook.com/exoticwinetravel; instagram.com/exoticwinetravel: youtube.com/c/exoticwinetravel.

Marième Ndiaye  #MariemeLeVin

Marième Ndiaye is a TV anchor, singer, twin’s mother and an unconditional wine lover. “The infinite world that wine has to offer gives me vertigo and cheers me up. Afficionado and advanced epicurean, wine is a challenge, it is fun and an unequaled relaxation. To talk with someone about wine is 10% of my overall happiness.”   Follow her on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/mariemeqc/?locale2=fr_CA  / Instagram : @Marieme_qc  and Twitter : @Marieme_q

Madhuri Aggarwal

Madhuri is an artist and a designer working as a Food Stylist and Food Photographer. Her interests mostly revolve around food--Food blogging, food styling and travelling. “I love collecting props for my food styling and photography and hence love travelling to learn.”  She loves to capture the life and essence of the place she is visiting.  Follow her MADaboutkitchen Facebook : Pinterest : Instagram : Twitter.

Brandi Mueller

Brandi considers herself an obsessive traveler who finds work as a scuba instructor, boat captain, photographer and writer along the way.  “I prefer to be underwater, but when I’m above I like to have a glass of wine in my hand.  I find the best way to share adventures, make new friends, and really connect is over a good meal and a bottle of wine.” Follow her on Instagram @brandi_underwater.  www.brandiunderwater.com.

Ron Esquivel

Ron Esquivel is a lawyer who is always preoccupied with daily legal work. He is a keen observer who seeks adventure, likes to write about his experiences, and uses a camera as his weapon. He travels to escape his daily routine--solo, with friends, or strangers, in the hopes of witnessing the natural beauty of the world and its culture.  He uses his camera to document his exploits and shares them with everyone through social media.  Follow him on Instagram: @redesquivel.