Where's Rebekah? | Lisbon | Portugal / by Rebekah Pizana

Doca de Alcântara - Porto de Lisboa


Visiting Portugal made me feel like a real #winetourist, discovering new and lesser-known points of interest. I guess because I see Portugal as still being an up-and-coming European wine region, all while hosting one of the oldest cities in the world. Most people think of Porto, a sweet dessert wine, when considering Portuguese wines, but the country has started to crank out some really delicious dry reds and whites. Paired with Lisbon's incomparable surf 'n turf, I knew I couldn't beat Lisbon's local food and wine selections.

After a full day of exploring, the lively city holds nothing back when offering a memorable night. For a little dinner and a little dancing, the hotel concierge highly recommended I go to Docas de Alcântara. Below the 25 de Abril Bridge along the Tagus River, Docas offers one of the city's most lively atmospheres at night with a blend of cuisines and dining options (casual to fine). Sitting along the picturesque yacht marina, the strip of bars, restaurants, and small clubs are open until late. The meal of choice is grilled, Portuguese sardines, and a bold Douro Touriga Nacional, or dare-I-say it, a citrusy red sangria.


Doca de Alcântara - Alcântara
1399-012 Lisboa


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